HISP Visitation Days

Prospective HISP students and their parents are invited to visit classrooms and tour the CKM campus.

Visitors are welcome to drop by anytime between 8:45 a.m. and Noon. HISP sophomores have zero period (Critical Thinking or Writer’s Workshop); other CKM students also participate in zero period in a variety of classes including student government. Freshmen HISP classes—World Civilizations (history/social science) and World Literature & Composition (language arts)—are in session first and second periods.  PARKING IS AVAILABLE on 7th and 8th Avenue.

Evening Information Session

Perspective students and families are invited to attend the Evening Information Session to hear about the HISP program in detail. Student led tours will be available upon arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visitation Days

Do I need to make a reservation to attend one of the two Visitation Days?
No. You and your student may come on either day; no reservation is necessary.

Is parking available?
There is limited parking in front of the school. CKM and HISP have received special permission from the City of Sacramento to suspend parking restrictions on both 7th and 8th Avenue so that parents may park during Visitation Days.

Must parents accompany their students?
All students must be accompanied by an adult. Adults may bring more than one student (not necessarily their own children) to Visitation Days (recognizing that not all parents are able to receive time off from work to accompany their students).

Once I arrive on campus, where do I and my student(s) report?
All prospective students and parents should enter through the main doors of CKM. These doors face Freeport Boulevard.

About Visitation Days

Parents and students visit while classes are in session—gaining insight not only into HISP classes, but also to the wide range of core courses, electives, language classes, and extracurricular activities available to students at CKM. HISP parents are on hand to talk with prospective students and their parents about the program and the school. Check the HISP home page for dates and times of visitation days.

The formal application process involves an open enrollment application as well as a HISP application which includes attendance at one of two essay writing sessions (see Applying to HISP). 

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